Today, we at refrigerator repair Denver, would like to share tips on how to get rid of smells in the refrigerator.

One day, you open your fridge and immediately shut it back. That nasty smell makes you feel sick. Wait no longer and do the following:
1. Remove all food from your fridge. Also, check the expiration date on all items and throw away all expired food.

2. The food that you decide to keep, leave in a cooler and add ice in case you will be cleaning longer than expected.

3. Use soap and water and do a thorough cleaning that will include refrigerator floor, walls and bottom drawers.

4. If the smell is not gone by then, buy freshly ground coffee. Place between 1-3 cups of coffee grounds on plates
and spread them around the fridge.

5. If you don’t have ground coffee, use baking soda, which also works wonders. Put one box of baking soda in the fresh
food section and the other in the freezer. Just open up the top of the container.

And REMEMBER, to keep your fridge working properly for years to come, perform a maintenance once a year. Call Refrigerator repair Denver, for your next maintenance.

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