We at Appliance Repair in Denver thought we could through in some thoughts regarding do’s and don’ts for the dishwasher tips…..

1. Don’t pre-rinse your dishes before loading.
Pre-rinsing can waste a lot of water, up to 20 gallons and it might make dishwasher wash less effectively.

2. Do not use too much detergent
Too much soap can scratch glassware. Ottusch recommends all-in-one tabs. They clean more effectively than regular detergent and counteract the effects of hard water.

3. Do check for clogged particles.
If you feel that the dishes are the as clean as usual after the wash, the dishwasher filter might be in need of cleaning or there may be food particles in the nozzles of the spray arm.

4. Don’t run unless full.
When you run a half-empty dishwasher, you are wasting electricity and water. Nowdays, some of the newer models have a “top rack wash only” option that improves the efficiency of smaller loads.

5. Don’t wash wood, leaded crystal, antique china, or cast iron.
You might see some types of leaded crystal etching with repeated washings. Hand-painted glaze may fade and gold leaf/gilt can discolor and fade. Rusting may occur on a cast iron. Wooden items can discolor and warp in a dishwasher. Check with the manufacturer when in doubt about a particular item.


Please follow this rule of thumb and for any repair needs, CALL Denver’s BEST Dishwasher Repair for your Dishwasher repair needs!!!

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